ZOMBIE HUNTER D-DAY APK Download For Android

ZOMBIE HUNTER D-DAY APK Download For Android

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App Name ZOMBIE HUNTER D-DAY APK Download For Android
Size 129MB
Latest Version 1.0.901
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Clegames Inc.
Content Rating Teen
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live in a world full of zombies? Surviving among the vicious zombies is very difficult. Only the thought of it is enough to send chills down your spine. Though it sounds so dangerous at the same time it's so thrilling. If you are someone who loves danger and adventures, this game is for you. With this game, you can enjoy the nerve-wracking but thrilling action zombie game where you have to fight the zombies in order to survive. Mind that, fighting zombies is not really easy so get ready to enjoy the time of your life!



This game is published by Clegames that is a developer in Korea. In this game, the zombies have taken over this world and they are spreading everywhere. You don't have anywhere to go and hide because all of your hideouts are being found by the zombies and they are coming for you. Now you can't even run anymore so your only chance of survival is to take a stand against these zombies and fight them and kill them. You have to keep fighting and killing zombies for almost 80 days. Make sure to survive till that day because the surviving team is coming to save you. And for surviving you have to use different weapons. Mostly guns are used to kill the zombies in this game. And using your guns is very easy in the game.




The gameplay of this game is very exciting. You have to use different weapons to kill the zombies. You are just going to tap on the right side of the screen and for aiming the target you have to swipe on the left side of the screen. You can also use two different types of weapons in the game. Whenever you need the other weapon just tap on the exchange icon on the screen and switch your weapon any time. For killing the zombies that are unable to be killed by regular weapons, you can use grenades as well. Grenades can cause a huge explosion thus killing many zombies at a time. And every time you can use only 3 Grenades at a single time. More grenades can become available for you once you start to buy Grenades. For killing zombies, even simple weapons are not really effective. You have to make sure that you go for the weakness of the zombie such as chest or head etc. This way you can kill them in one hit. Killing the zombies will help you in gaining many rewards so make sure you kill them mercilessly. This is the only way you can survive in a world full of bloodthirsty monsters. 


You will find a huge collection of guns in this game such as Mossberg, Raging Bull, Moe carbine, Striker, blaster, Thumper, Plasma-L, and many more. Every gun in the game has four indicators. The higher the number of indicators the gun has, the stronger the gun will be. These strong guns will help you in killing many zombies at the same time but since these are expensive, you should have enough gold to buy these guns.

For instance, possessing 3 helps in upgrading the weapons in order to unlock Moe Carbine. Or you can upgrade to the fifth level of 5 skills in order to unlock Raging Bull. 


In spite of having so many weapons in this game, you can upgrade these weapons or upgrade different features of these weapons at any time. All you need is enough gold and you can upgrade your guns to make them powerful. Once you invest in buying stronger and more expensive guns, this will help you in the long run.



In this game, all the characters have at least 5 different types of skills. Weapons, headshot, power, CRIT, HP, and grenade power. You can upgrade your skills at any point. There are many zombies and boss zombies and you will have a hard time killing them thus you will need the most powerful skills. And for that, the game provides the Grenade, Quick reload, painkiller, bonus EXP and many other things to be used in the battles. And to gain access to all these things, you must have gold so you can buy these. There are many items in this game and each item has different advantages such as painkillers that will help you in blocking the zombie attack automatically. That is why make sure to pick these items whenever you find them. 


There are many modes in this game to make this game even more interesting.

The first mode is the zombie stage mode, in which you have to kill the zombies in order to overcome the stage. And with each stage, the number of zombies will keep on increasing. This makes the fight against the zombies very thrilling.

The second mode is the zombie defense mode. In this mode, users will be able to destroy many zombies at a single time with the help of special weapons. Apart from that, you will be able to get many coins and gold in this mode.

The third mode is boss raid mode, in which there is a tough fight against the Boss zombies. If you are able to kill the boss zombie you will gain many rewards. But to play this mode you have to unlock it.

The last and fourth mode is the bonus mode that you can play each time once you clear 5 stages.


This game is perfect for everyone as in this game there are 15 different types of languages. It includes Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, and Vietnamese. Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Thai. Because of so many languages, this game is popular all over the world and everyone can play and enjoy this game easily.


Since this is an offline game thus you can enjoy this game anywhere without any difficulty. You don't need an internet connection to play this game. This is the most amazing feature as it provides convenience to people.



This is a 3D game with very attractive and eye-catching graphics. The visuals of this game are amazing and you will be fighting the zombies in each type of environment such as buildings, stores, forests, mountains, etc. Not only the visuals but the characters and images are also very sharp which makes the overall look quite realistic.

As far as the sounds are concerned, the effects are so dramatic and real that give you a jump scare every time there is a zombie in front of you. Moreover, the sounds of the guns are also very real. All in all, the graphics and sounds of this game will keep you satisfied.


The mod APK version of this game provides unlimited money to the users. And we have already discussed quite many times how much money is important in this game, to buy weapons, upgrade the characters, get access to different skills, and much more. Earning points is difficult in this game that's why the mod APK version provides unlimited money. Now you can play this game nonstop without worrying about the money.


This application is available on the Google play store but if you want to enjoy the premium features free of cost you can download this mod APK version of this game provided in this article. 

  • Just tap on the link to download this game.
  • Once the app is downloaded, open the file to install it. 
  • For installation, you have to enable external sources. 
  • That's it, this way your app will be installed on your device. 


Version 1.0.901 is the latest version of this gaming application with all the latest and updated features in it.


Clegames Inc the developer of this game is based in Korea.


This application was released in October 2013.



Enjoy this amazing thriller plus action zombie game that has all the features that can keep people thrilled all the time. With amazing gameplay and eye-catching visuals, this application is perfect for fighting game lovers.


Q. Is this game safe for devices?

Yes, this game is completely safe for your devices.

Q. When was this game last updated?

This game was last updated on 10/10/2022.

4.8 / 5 ( 50 votes )

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