Zombies Diary 2 Mod APK Unlimited Money

Zombies Diary 2 Mod APK Unlimited Money

Additional Information

App Name Zombies Diary 2 Mod APK Unlimited Money
Size 17MB
Latest Version 1.2.4
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Mountain Lion
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.1 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK:

Zombies VS Humans? Who will be going to rule the world? Who has more power to eradicate the other? Many people love thrilling and fighting games that involve maneuvering strategy and planning to defeat the opponent team or player. Zombie Diary 2 Mod Apk has a unique storyline that involves Zombies as a main part of the game. Zombies depict the sign of evil, and they are destroying and eliminating the humans that live on this planet earth. Zombies don’t want humans on this earth. They kill every human wherever they see him. No one stops them.

Zombies Diary 2

To avoid the full power of Zombies, some heroes come and try to protect humans and the world from these murdering Zombies. These heroes or characters will fight with their full strength and solidity to kill and eradicate these zombies to make the earth clear. These heroes have special powers, and they will annihilate this evil to make life easy on the earth. No doubt, it’s not comfortable for the heroes to kill zombies as they always keep coming from any side. They don’t have a specific side from where they will come. Further, the game allows the player to make his hero character the best and to enhance their expertise so that they can fight and kill the zombies in just one hit. 

Zombie Diary 2 has everything to make characters robust and powerful. This fighting game puts the same euphoria as the FPG Operators game does. 



There are two types of game missions. For example: 

Rescue Missions: 

These missions let the heroes save the humans and shield them in safe areas so that the zombies can’t attack and kill them. 

Defense Missions:

These missions are helpful when the heroes stand in front of the zombies and kill them by defending themselves. 


Zombies Diary

Limitless weapons and endless equipment are available for helping the heroes. The heroes will use their weapons to kill the opponent and eradicate them. These weapons will be unlocked gradually with the progress of the player. Further, the mod version has unlocked all weapons with all upgrades and made it easier for the heroes to kill the enemies, such as zombies.


Endless characters with their special skills and abilities make humans safe. These characters are the saviors of the humans and will protect them by destroying all zombies and clearing the area. These characters can be upgraded to enhance and improve their skills so that they can kill zombies fiercely. 

Destruction of Zombies:

Destruction and murder of the Zombies are possible in two ways that are following. 

  • Increase your Bosses. 
  • Unlimited Money

Two methods will be helpful for you to increase your rank to make the above two possible. 

  • Evolution
  • Endless Monsters

The first allows you to play a variety of mini-games like treasure games, defense games, arcade games, shooting games, and skill games. 

The second will permit you the boss fights and battle. It will allow the automatic selection of the boss. 


Almost 11 maps have been added in Zombie Diary 2 by the developer, who has made every map different, unique, and beautiful from the others. The storyline, difficulties, and missions are changed on every map, but these maps give diversity and avoid boredom. 


The upgrades for the characters and their skills are available, and the mod update has permitted unlimited upgrades for the players to make characters more robust. You can also upgrade your weapons and all equipment for the er use. These upgrades will not let your mission unaccomplished. 

Supported Devices:

The devices that will support the game have hardware of 4.1 and above. These devices will not interrupt the game while playing as they show full compatibility with the game. So, you must match the compatibility of the device and the game.

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlocked Characters
  • Unlimited upgrades
  • Unlocked weapons

Zombies Diary 2

Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK Free Shopping:

The players in Zombie Diary 2 purchase items and resources that they need. They purchase these things by using the game currency, such as money, gems, coins, and others. Some others can get this by spending the real cents. But, both of the discussed ways will provide a limited opportunity to shop the items. So, the mod update has allowed the players to shop the items for free. The free shopping feature is just for the players who have installed the mod update on androids. It will allow you to get everything that you need for your game. 

Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK Hack:

The hack update has been released for the convenience and comfort of the players. The players will always need hacks to complete their missions and to increase their ranks in the game to become the top-ranked player. So, the developer has unlocked all premium features for everyone without the need for money. Everyone can access these features. The modified update is also a hack version of the game, and it has provided everything in an Unlimited amount.

Zombie Diary 2 APK Latest Version:

The latest version of Zombie Diary 2 Mod was declared on Sep 6, 2022, and it was 1.2.5. This update is a mod version that has unlocked all premium features without money.


The size of the game is only 22MB, which is not large. The game will be installed on every device and needs no storage clearance.

Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK Download:

This exciting and captivating game captures the audience and if you are getting captivated by this game, read the following steps till the end to get its download. 

  • Download the APK file of the Zombie Diary 2 Mod by clicking the above link which will direct you to the download page. 
  • After downloading the file, choose the location in the device folder. 
  • Allow your device to grant permission for the installation of third-party source apps. 
  • Open the folder that you have chosen to place the downloaded APK file. 
  • Tap the file to start installing it. 
  • Wait to finish the process of installation. 

Zombie Diary 2 PC:

If you dream to play this game on a PC, you can install this by the following strategy. 

  • Download the APK file by using the above link. 
  • Download the BlueStacks and install it on a PC. 
  • Open the emulator BlueStacks. 
  • Install the downloaded file with this BlueStacks. 
  • Enjoy this amazing battle on your PC. 

Zombie Diary 2 Gift Card:

In Zombie Diary 2 Mod, gift cards are given as a reward for their accomplishments and achievements. These gift cards may contain items, weapons, characters, and their upgrades for the player.

Zombies Diary 2

Zombie Diary 2 Cheat:

Cheats were available for the standard update of Zombie Diary 2, and they were available for a short period. For now, no cheats are available as they are not needed after the mod version. Players that have a typical update of the Zombie Diary 2 will need this whenever it will be available.


Among other battling games, Zombie Diary 2 Mod has a separate fan following because of its unique storyline and the characters in it. The battle between Zombie and Humans has not been seen in any other fighting games. Moreover, the upgrades, characters, matches, and missions make the player more passionate about his tasks. The mod version has captivated more audiences because of the free premium features. The game provides ad-free gameplay without interruption. Further, the game is safe and secure for every android device.


Q. Do I get Zombie Diary 2 Mod on my PC?

No. Zombie Diary 2 Mod is an android application, and you will need emulator software to install the APK file of this application. The APK file will be available with the above-given link.

Q. Does this APK file harm the androids?

No. This APK file will be surely safe if you download it from this website. Otherwise, the APK files may harm the android devices.

Q. How to get Unlimited Gems in Zombie Diary 2?

Unlimited Gems is a premium feature, that is available for free in the Mod update of Zombie Diary 2. It requires nothing to spend. If you’ve not installed the mod update yet, you can download it by using the above link.

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