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Music games are a genre of video game that focuses on the experience of playing one or more musical instruments. They may be based on aspects of the music industry, in which players assume the role of a music industry professional, engaging in career-based gameplay, or they may be more rhythm-based, having the player take direct control over the onscreen music. Music games have been popular throughout the history of video games and are market leaders in some countries, such as Japan.

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Music video games are distinguished from rhythm games because they use real songs rather than made-up ones. The distinction is sometimes blurry however, as some rhythm games include real songs licensed from recording artists.

The interest of gamers in music has led to a large number of games across many different genres bearing musical elements, such as racing games with licensed soundtracks and sports titles that allow players to create their own soundtracks. It is also not uncommon for rhythm games to borrow mechanics and elements from other genres. For example, Elite Beat Agents combines gameplay similar to that of Ouendan with dance simulation and Guitar Hero resembles a typical fighting game in several respects.

List of notable music video game franchises:

Beatmania series

Dance Dance Revolution series

DJMAX series

Donkey Konga series

The first music game was a piano playing simulator called “Rhythmicon”

The Rhythmicon was invented by Leon Theremin, who also invented the electronic instrument that bears his name. The Rhythmicon was designed to play music in any desired rhythm, tempo, or scale. It could be used to play compositions by several different composers including John Cage and Henry Cowell.

The next music Mod Apk game was an arcade game called “Guitar Freaks” which was released in 1998. The player would use a guitar controller to press buttons that corresponded with notes on the screen. There were two versions of Guitar Freaks, one for the PlayStation and one for the Arcade. The arcade version had a plastic guitar while the PlayStation version had a plastic drum set.

The next music game was an arcade game called “Dance Dance Revolution” which was released in 1999. In this game, players would step on arrows that corresponded with notes on the screen. This game was created by Konami and is one of the most popular video games in history. It has sold over 30 million units worldwide and has been translated into more than 15 languages.