GTA 5 Portable PC Download Latest Version

GTA 5 Portable PC Download Latest Version

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GTA 5 Portable PC:


As we all know the most popular game GTA- Grand Theft Auto, is an open-world game that is played by everyone in their childhood and is still played by everyone. This action-adventure game can be played from two perspectives either first-person or third-person perspectives. GTA 5 is played across the fictional state of the United States called San Andreas, which is based in Southern California. This game is controlled by a single player who follows three male lead protagonists and can switch among those characters:


  • Michael De Santa- A bank robber who is retired.
  • Franklin Clinton- He is a street gangster.
  • Trevor Philips- He is an arms runner and drug dealer.


These lead protagonists commit many heists under the influence of influential criminals and corrupt agencies of government. The players have to complete many missions, they can freely and openly roam the streets of fictional cities Los Santos and Blaine County and the countryside area, San Andreas. The player can completely explore these areas without any restrictions and rules.

GTA 5 Portable PC

 To fight with enemies, different weapons and attacks are used by the players such as melee attacks and firearms. They can jump, run, swim and travel the world by using vehicles. Vehicles like fixed-wing and aircraft are used for traveling with the help of maps. To defend against enemies, auto-aim and cover systems can be utilized in combat. Law enforcement agencies will declare the players wanted through the wanted meter if they commit crimes. Moreover, if they escape the wanted vicinity, the officers of law enforcement will hunt for them. The meter eventually cools down and diminishes as soon as the players hide from the officers which appear on the mini-map for some time.

The players can control three male protagonist leads with the help of its single-player mode. These three characters interlink with each other as the mission completes. Some missions can be completed with either one character or others can be completed with two or three. The players can automatically switch to the characters according to the mission and finish some particular objectives of the game. If the character wants help or is stuck in some danger then the character’s avatar blinks red or if he possesses a strategic benefit, then he will blink white. The heist missions are difficult to achieve; for this, they need assistance from AI-controlled associates having unique sets of skills such as driving and hacking computers. With the help of associates, if the players complete the heists, then associates will take a share of the cash reward or can help the players with other missions with their unique and improved skill sets. Every character owns eight sets of skills that show their abilities in particular situations like driving or shooting. Each character is unique in the way that determines them respectively such as Trevor has flying skills, Franklin can slow down during driving and easily drift and Michael can timely enter bullets during fights and perform amazing headshots.

GTA 5 Portable PC

The players can freely roam anywhere they want to, and they can get engaged in some enjoyable activities like BASE jumping, attending business parties and clubs, scuba diving, and watching cinemas. Smartphones are given to each character to contact friends and get access to in-game internet that allows players to trade in stocks through the stock market. The characters can have their businesses and garages, alter their avatar by buying clothes and outfits, having haircuts, or inserting tattoos, moreover, they can also update their weapons and arms. You can enjoy playing this open-world game with great graphics as much as you can. 

No doubt, GTA 5 is one of the most commercially successful open-world games but if you want to play some other open-world games then you can also select some of these to kill your boredom:


  • L.A.Noire
  • Grand Theft Auto 4
  • Mafia: Definitive edition
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Watch Dogs 2


Features of Grand Theft Auto 5:

GTA 5 delivers many features that are loved by the players while playing the game. To make this article more interesting and unique, we will discuss the features of GTA 5, therefore, let’s have a look at the features of GTA 5:

Huge maps:

The prior series of the game possessed thousands of islands and players had to move from one island to another throughout the game, we can take the example of Liberty city, which is covered with multiple islands and as the game progresses, islands are unlocked. But, now GTA 5 covers the whole landmass on the map and it doesn’t have any geographical restrictions which means the player can travel anywhere he wants to. Moreover, GTA 5 has gigantic maps that can help players to explore the entire San Andreas and many places.

Big collection of planes:

The previous series let their players fly the planes but this updated version owns a big collection of helicopters and planes. There is also a wide range of planes in multiplayer settings and military areas and locations. 

GTA 5 Portable PC

Online mode:

The online mode of GTA 5 is one of the best features that provide numerous different activities to its players. Many features are identical to the base game but they are more extended, and the GTA online updates continuously. 

Own methods and plans:

If we look at GTA 4, we see that it doesn’t allow players to plot their methods and plans, the players are restricted to perform certain actions but the players of GTA 5 have a big advantage to plot things, how to carry out the missions and make their game plans and strategies. The players can be violent, smart, and loud accordingly.

Spend and customize:

GTA 5 is full of options for customization, it has multiple ways to spend cash on vehicles and outfits. GTA 5 will let its players customize cars and alter their look with loads of fun options, you won’t have a limited choice of clothes, you will have numerous options to customize your appearance.

Various games:

GTA 5 offers a variety of games to its players, where they can play golf, cycling, and tennis. It's natural players often get bored while experiencing the violent sides of this game and they want a break so GTA 5 also has non-violent sides where they can play tennis or golf and relax their minds. 

There are also two mini-games offered by this game that are Tiger woods and Virtual tennis.

Switch between characters:

Because GTA 5 has three lead protagonists, the player can switch among them whenever he wants. When the mission is not going, you can jump between the conspirators but you can’t kill them. This will assist players to jump between the lives and settings so that they can explore many things and can finish more complex plots.

Hunting in wild:

In GTA 5, players can hunt or can be hunted, they can explore the wilderness outside the metropolis. This game is diversified so much that here you will have numerous things to explore.

Scuba diving and driving experience:

You can even explore the depth of the marine world when you get bored with the outside world; diving missions are also included in this game. The experience of driving is very much enhanced and exciting in GTA 5 so you will have a spectacular adventure driving.  

Choosing weapons:

There are new ways to choose weapons with different and unique shooting mechanics. Players can switch other weapons quickly and smoothly, they will not experience clunkiness while selecting any weapon. It will be more fun and adventure for the players.

GTA 5 Portable PC

Multiplayer and offline modes:

GTA 5 offers both offline and online modes, the story mode is offline so you can play it without the internet but the multiplayer mode is online so you must have a stable internet connection to enjoy its online modes. Offline mode has many campaign and side missions whereas online mode has vast missions which you can play with your friends also.

GTA 5 download for Android:

As GTA 5 is an open-world and heavy game, therefore, it’s harmful to install this game on your android devices. If you want to install this game on your android devices, you have to download many third-party files that make your device harmful and can be damaged by dangerous viruses and malware, so, it's better to install this game on your PCs and laptops and enjoy playing it on big screens.

GTA 5 Portable PC System Requirements:

Following is the list of minimum system requirements to download GTA 5 for PCs:

  • Operating system: Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10
  • Memory: 16 GB
  • SSD: 128 GB
  • Video card: Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB. 
  • Processor: Intel core i7 10th Gen/ AMD Ryzen 7 3700X @ 4.4GHz (8 CPUs)
  • Sound card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible.

GTA 5 Portable PC download:

To play this game, you have to download it first on your PC. Go to our website and download the file of 95 GB. The file has increased as time goes by, at the beginning, it was 36 GB in 2013 and extended to 65 GB by 2015. 

Once you download the file, use the install wizard and then choose the hard drive’s location to save the program data. You can also create a shortcut on the desktop so that you can easily access the game. The file will take some time to install as it is large and has both multiplayer and offline modes.

You will also have to create an account on the Rockstar game social club to play this game on your Windows. It requires a username and password, your personal information, and details of location, for safety reasons, you must beware to share your account information with anyone.  

When the game is completely installed on your PC, open the game, create an account and start playing it.

GTA 5 Portable PC

The latest version of GTA 5 Portable PC:

  • The latest version of GTA 5 is v1.61, which was released on July 26, 2022.
  • In this version, two new missions of source cargo are included, each special cargo source for GTA$7500 for each warehouse.
  • Bunker research and Nightclub management missions have also been added to this version.
  • Many new vehicles and weapons are added in this version.
  • The players can customize both female and male characters with 200 new items of clothing.
  • A maximum of 60 tattoos and 2 new hairstyles are available for every character.
  • This version can fix network stability issues and also multiple crashes can be fixed that occurred in GTA 5.
  • The players can explore the entire locations of this game.
  • They can play non-violent games in GTA 5 to relax their minds.
  • Players can own businesses and garages, also, they can attend many casino and nightclub parties in this version.
  • This version has multiplayer and offline modes.

The old version of GTA 5 Portable PC:

  • The oldest version of GTA 5 is v1.36, which was released on December 9, 2016.
  • Many players were facing issues regarding the old version of GTA 5, they have been resolved over time but as time passes, the older versions of GTA 5 start lagging and creating many issues while playing the game, for better quality results the developers have launched the latest version which is far better than its old versions.

Release date of GTA 5 Portable PC:

This action-adventure game was released on September 17, 2013.

Developer name of GTA 5 Portable PC:

Grand Theft Auto V was developed by Rockstar North and it was published by Rockstar games. It is the sequel of GTA IV and the seventh main entry in the Grand Auto series.

GTA 5 Portable PC

Advantages of GTA 5 Portable PC:

  • This game provides a variety of missions.
  • You can gather your group of friends to make this game more enjoyable and exciting for you.
  • It offers you multiple customization options.
  • You can effectively relieve your stress and tension while playing this game.
  • The objects and characters of this game are more detailed and it has smooth movements with great lighting.
  • It has a feature called Rockstar editor which allows you to record the story missions or small parts of the game.
  • Players can make plans and strategies to execute their missions.
  • Three main lead protagonists are provided in this game.
  • Many weapons and arms are offered to the players to fight against enemies.
  • Massive and great missions are available to achieve.
  • Players can have their businesses and places.
  • They can roam freely wherever they want to and explore the entire world in this game.
  • The graphics of GTA 5 are improved.
  • The single-player mode is offline only.

GTA 5 Portable PC

Disadvantages of GTA 5 Portable PC:

The biggest con of this GTA 5 is that you can’t download it on your android devices as this is an open-world game that requires PCs or laptops for installation, so, if you download this game on your android device, many viruses and malware can harm your device, hence, I would prefer you to install this game on your PC or laptop.

GTA 5 Portable PC


Hence, if you have a PC or laptop, I would suggest you install this amazing game. I found this game very entertaining and interesting. This game requires regular updates so that you can enjoy new content. You will have many customization options and different vehicles to roam around the states. It has solid gameplay, so the story of this game is both fun and experience. Many in-game activities keep players engaged in this game, as it eases the stress and tension and helps players to improve their cognitive and gaming skills. So, trust our website and install this game to enjoy it with your friends and explore numerous features.


Q. What type of game GTA 5 is?

GTA 5 is an action-adventure game.

Q. How many modes are there in this game?

There are two modes in this game: single-player and multiplayer.

Q. Is it safe and secure to install on a PC?

Yes, it is safe and secure to install the game on a PC.

Q. What kind of vehicles are available in this game?

Huge collection of trucks, cars, helicopters, jets, planes, bikes, jet skis and submarines are available in this game

Q. Can I download GTA 5 on my Android Device?

Downloading GTA 5 on your Android devices may harm your device, as it is a very heavy game. So, it is better to enjoy this game on your PC.

Q. How much space is required to have this heavy game on a PC?

16 GBs are required to enjoy this game on a big screen.

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