Last Outlander Mod Apk Dumb Enemies

Last Outlander Mod Apk Dumb Enemies

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App Name Last Outlander Mod Apk Dumb Enemies
Size 1.24 GB
Latest Version 9.5
MOD Features Dumb Enemies
Content Rating Rated for 7+
Requires 5.1 and up
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Update April 10, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Last Outlander is a role playing game full of orcs and goblins and starts with the story of an ordinary man who has shifted to a strange world. The adventures Setup is set in a medieval world that is Full of secrets and treasures. In the beginning the scenario is  at a small place and with time you will add different locations. When you start to play this game,the character is wounded and in danger and  you have to build shelters and to secure your shelter the character needs food and weapons.

This game is with higher visual graphics that offers the experience of an entertaining RPG gameplay setting and you will never stop yourself from playing and getting more experience. In addition, you have to solve mysteries and defeat enemies to get achievements and solved mysteries.

Last Outlander Mod Apk

For aid of Character

For help with your character in game you have to shoot with shotguns and build gunpowder to craft your firearm. The character will boost local farming and learn to survive in an alien and mysterious world.

Control system

The control system is the same like other games of the same type. Here the left thumb controls movement of the hero character and right to pick up objects for attack on enemies. At the bottom side, quick access to ‘recipe book’ for creating gadgets and materials.

Last Outlander Mod Apk

Learn the Character survival

The mysterious game begins with the healthy character who just met with an accident and has lost all his memory. His mission is to survive in this dangerous forest and to return back to his time period. In this medieval fantasy world your journey starts at this mission and you have to learn everything from scratch.

The first factors to survive are water and food, be careful while looking around and beware of monsters. After getting food and water, the character needs to craft  weapons and other tools to protect them from monsters and enemies. In addition, gamers will build shelters, plant crops for survival in this land.

All manufacturing development

Gamers will just love the endless journey of Last Outlander. When you start this you have to make a plan to survive and further development and build shelter with weapons like hammer, wood and axes and other equipment. For further upgradation you have to craft more knives and swords.

You have to learn strategies to loot the enemies and to command the enemies because with your progress the enemies will grow stronger. You have to avoid direct confrontation with enemies.

Last Outlander Mod Apk

Other Special Characters

Here gamers will meet with other special characters from the ancient races and you have to help them to gain the opportunity of being stronger. Sometimes these friendly characters will help you to solve the mysteries and to gain more power. Maybe you like this similar game Neo Monsters Apk.

Planting crops and sourcing other food

The gamers will have to develop their potential by surviving in this difficult journey. You have to make a plan about sustaining food and planting sources to get more energy so that you can get more advanced in the end of this ancient world.

Fantastic visual Graphics

The realistic graphics of this game will make each movement realistic and it will be great to enjoy the music sound effects in background. All the endless journey of fighting, building, forests and rivers will feel realistic.

Be innovator of Last Outlander

You will equip a lot of skills which will help in winning the missions of the game and will unlock the features, money, luxury items and other benefits.

How to install Last Outlander

Go to the play store directly and install this game and after installation you can enjoy this fabulous game. It is engaging for the experience of hours and hours and go on a classic survival journey and enjoy it for free.

Last Outlander Mod Apk


You will enjoy the Last Outlanders' wide variety of mission levels throughout the whole game and will have access to all weapons, shelters, food and money as the game proceeds. The gamers will be awarded with daily rewards and boost more of their points of interests and  learn to ace this alien world.


Q. Why is permission needed to install Last outlander?

When you install an application, the app needs access to the system of your device and will be notified for all the requirements at time of installation.

Q. How to get food in this game?

You have to search for food and get some food from menu bar options and other options to plant the crops and food are available.

Q. Can we play the Last Outlander game for free?

Yes, you can download the last outlander from the playstore for free and enjoy the endless journey.

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